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Empowering and nurturing Human Resources / key people to cope with competition & marketing situations and convert them into Human Asset

We provide training program specifically designed for your needs, issues and future needs. Based on your inputs we design customized training programs so that your current staff is enabled to cope with current issues, challenges and situations rather than adding new resources and replacing current ones. Based on market scenario we have also created three categories of Training Programs / modules as below for various needs of bottom, middle and upper management. They are as below,

VIVFY   Growth Consulting   Diversify
Today with the increasing demand in work and highly stressful life organisation faces barrier in shifting the thinking process. At times the only barrier which is stopping the organisation to grow is the mindset of staff members. Pragmatic Consultancy understood this basic limitation more intensely and have introduced a fresh wave to ones thinking by introducing VIVIFY sessions. The session basically covers major aspects of shift in thinking, it gives a fresh perspective to an individual that helps them to introspect and identify the bottleneck that they are unable to tap with the current stressful situations around. Pragmatic Consultancy aids to upgrade staff member and create a better vision for upgrading performance. This in way benefits organisation and staff members to perform better. more..   With the evolving needs of man power for the organisation having dynamic development, there is always a question of choosing capable manager or leader. Staff members might have excellent technical skill, but question here is how long will the person be at the same position? We all want to grow manage team. But, are we aware about basic team dynamics? With the subsequent growth, there comes a time where in organisation faces a crunch in managing staff members, define and set-up processes, adapting the culture of change and many other management challenges that becomes bottle neck for an organisation to grow further. Pragmatic Consultancy hereby introduces Triumph - a Management Development Program (MDP) that covers the basics fundamentals of management for raising capable leaders to grow further with management skills. more...   This is for the most powerful people in the organization. Because big power comes with big responsibilities and they cannot afford to go wrong. This is in-person coaching program with business owners / top executives where you can share your feelings, judgements, patterns and we help them channelize. Our major role here is to provide sound board, take away anxiety, provide creative ways to approach situation and sharing management knowledge in the areas your need. more..
Other Trainings are:
Communication Skills * Project Management * Soft Skills / Personal Management * Customer Service Excellence / CRM * Business Analysis
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