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TRIUMPH : Management Development Program (MDP) for reaching at Next Level

With the evolving needs of man power for the organisation having dynamic development, there is always a question of choosing capable manager or leader. Staff members might have excellent technical skill, but question here is how long will the person be at the same position? We all want to grow manage team. But, are we aware about basic team dynamics? With the subsequent growth, there comes a time where in organisation faces a crunch in managing staff members, define and set-up processes, adapting the culture of change and many other management challenges that becomes bottle neck for an organisation to grow further.

Pragmatic Consultancy hereby introduces Triumph - a Management Development Program (MDP) that covers the basics fundamentals of management for raising capable leaders to grow further with management skills. We aid these capable folks to understand and connect management basics with industry specific examples, case study workshop that help them identify key challenges, guiding them for implementation and channelizing them. In a way it helps companies to uplift themselves to the next level. Triumph is a stepping stone to go higher in career ladder.

We impart knowledge on below topics,
  • Management Basics
  • People Management
  • Team Leading & Team Motivation
  • Marketing and Sales Enhancement
  • Production & Process
  • Basic Cost Function
  • Knowledge Management
  • BPR & Organization 2.0
  • MCS & Audit
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • E-Retail / ECommerce
  • Retail Environment Management
At Pragmatic Consulting we call it “Learn – Innovate – Implement”. Triumph sessions addresses key disconnects and helps managers to work in alignment with their goals. Triumph is for those companies who wants to grow and feels there is need of transformation via developing leaders. Triumph connects them to understand & view dynamics of each department, which helps them to think from 360 degree perspective in their current work.

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