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VIVIFY : Employee Motivation Sessions

Today with the increasing demand in work and highly stressful life organisation faces barrier in shifting the thinking process. At times the only barrier which is stopping the organisation to grow is the mindset of staff members. Pragmatic Consultancy understood this basic limitation more intensely and have introduced a fresh wave to ones thinking by introducing VIVIFY sessions. The session basically covers major aspects of shift in thinking, it gives a fresh perspective to an individual that helps them to introspect and identify the bottleneck that they are unable to tap with the current stressful situations around.

Pragmatic Consultancy aids to upgrade staff member and create a better vision for upgrading performance. This in way benefits organisation and staff members to perform better. Key areas covered in this session starts right from,
  • Change Management - Understanding adapting change
  • Effective Communication - Communication as base of survival, behavioral communication, etiquette, oral & written communication, etc
  • Roles - Balancing multiple roles in life
  • Stress Management - Leaving life without stress and making stress optional
  • Team Building - Creating support structure, sharing & performing with people
  • Perception - The way we interpret surrounding, create and give impressions
  • Emotions & Personality - Knowing self and others around
  • Time Management
  • Integrity & Accountability - Bringing integrity in life and being accountable for happenings in life
Such sessions make participant aware about own limitation and take corrective actions. On completion of Vivify session organisation can see the positive wave which is for betterment and good for both company and its staff members. It is rightly said healthy mind is as important as healthy body. It aids the process of inner transformation to grow better. To opt for such sessions write us on

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