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We give onground consulting and training which enables direct growth. Less of story more of work.

We provide end-to-end management consulting solutions for each facet of your business. They are as below:

* Business Process Re-engineering (BRP): For rejuvenation of business and implementing new processes and strategies. We do work & method study at your organization in each department. Based on our observation and techniques applied, we identify GAPs and provide your with bridging solutions. Not only we suggest but also we implement them at your organization. It is all about improving effectiveness of organization.

* Business Modeling: Conversion of your idea into business model. This service takes care of your new business ideas. We assist you in articulation of your idea into business plan. We stay with you till that plan is converted into business.

* Marketing & Sales Consulting: Sales and marketing is the key for any business success. Unless organization is able to sale and market their services, they cannot earn. So increasing sales is the pain point of most of the organization. We work on your Marketing & Sales Strategies, placing your products / services, pricing, sales audit, sales team training, understanding your consumer behavior, etc.

* eCommerce Consulting and Management: It is an effort to understand consumer behavior of varies industries and managing online customer engagement model and experience of buying. We provide end-to-end service for eCommerce Management which covers eCommerce Consulting, eCommerce Technical Consulting, eCommerce Modelling and Setting Work Processes, eCommerce Staff Training, eCommerce Back-end Operations Management on Contract.

* People Perfromance Management: We strongly believe that managing people and people processes in right manner, leads to organizational success. We use OB-Model, Behavior Shapping Tool, Past & Future oriented appraisal techniques and various proven HR Models to enhance productivity and satisfaction index of people. This in turn enables higher profitability and sustainability for organization.

* Start-up Incubation: When someone start something new, they may not be able to focus on all areas. Also when someone start something new, they don't know the complete ball game. We make this new players win by proving right management coaching which help them grow and make disruptive models.

* Retail Environment Management: Managing retail is dealing with buyers' in-store experience which has to be delighful, satisfactory and rewarding. We work on Structure, SOPs, Marketing & Sales, Product Management, etc. Our expertise is turning your store into Smart-store.

* Business Automation: Looking a business house / organization as system and automating them is the key for reducing cost, accurate outcomes, satisfying customers, generating more profit. We study your organizaiton, findout GAPs, match that with global standards, map your business requirements to available systems & solutions and help you implement IT systems which automates your business.

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