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Our Client feedbacks about our performance speaks about our performance. Kindly write to us to know specific casestudy:

  “Hiring Pragmatic Consultancy (Vatsal Shah) as business consultant and mentor is without a doubt the best decision I have made since starting my business. We began working with him in the fall of 2008. He has provided us end-to-end management consulting solutions for each facet of our business. Vatsal is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and real. I highly recommend him to any organization looking to ignite their growth.” – Jiten Padmashali (CEO & MD, Krish Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.)  
  “Pragmatic has taken a very personalized and patient approach for our business which is more of a person-driven and sentiment-driven organization than a process-driven business. We have worked together to identify the scope of improvement, and have taken a route where the successors are groomed and systems and processes gradually introduced into the business without upsetting the style of working of the seniors so that they do not feel disturbed. This is a very slow procedure in which Vatsal Shah's persistence, maturity and patience has been a key.” – Amman Kumar (RKumar Opticians – Retail Chain)  
  “Entrepreneurs are a difficult breed to deal with. They are Entrepreneurs because they think they are ‘SMART’ and have more guts than anybody else in the world. Teachers enjoy handling mediocre students as they obey. Real challenge of GURU is to train entrepreneurs and make these smart people believe that they need to improve. Vatsal does not face any difficulties managing these notorious students (notorious as they have ego, priorities, a big pile of work items, business pressure, ‘smartness’ and few other attributes to make learning difficult). I respect and value Vatsal's ability to transform owner's mindset and I thank him for that. To describe it short, I find ‘GURU’ is the most appropriate word for Vatsal.” – Kalpesh Patel (CEO & Director, Solution Analysts Pvt. Ltd.)  
“Pragmatic has been a huge help to us in assisting and taking the lead in transforming our company both in India and the US. Mr. Shah is a true professional and his temperament is a perfect fit for small family owned organizations looking to evolve. He is patient and does not give up till he finds a solution for the desired change.” – Lalan Shrikam (President, MalabarBay LLC)
“It is great that we get a mentor like Vatsal Shah. We trust him a lot. We can discuss any business problem with him. And it is unlikely that we do not get a solution. He is full of energy. He is full of knowledge and always two steps ahead of the market. He has amazing power to convince people. He can easily deal with any level of people in the organization. Our best wishes are always with him.” – Ashish Shah (COO & Director, Solution Analysts Pvt. Ltd.)
"Good quality of service & knowledge imparted. As a client, we have been associated only recently & hence look forward to availing your service across various fields. Using pragmatic services, we have been able to implement HR policies in our organization & draw a broad framework for the employees with regard to their appraisal, mode of working, leaves, etc. for our Retail Stores." - Jash Desai (Twinkle Stores - Franchise of Wills Life Style, Ahmedabad)
“It has been a very fortunate and fruitful relationship working with Pragmatic Consultant. The culture at Multidots is unique in its kind (well that's what we feel) and we have been worried initially that without vanishing the culture how can we improve our process and techniques. Vatsal Shah (& Pragmatic Team) got this understanding well and came up with several suggestions and support us execute them. The knowledge of the IT industry to this has played a big role in achieving better and right transformation in our business. We highly appreciate honesty, energy, ability and the great skills of Vatsal Shah. And highly recommend Pragmatic Consultancy to transform your business to growth machine.” – Anil Gupta (CEO & Director, Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
“Vatsal has profound knowledge in HR and human behavioural analysis. He also has good understanding of business processes and market demands. His guidance and initiatives has helped us to improve several HR and business processes.” – Nidhi Agrawal (CEO, D&B / Rightway Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
“Vatsal, an efficient consultant streamlined the system of accounting, personal involvement in auditing, involvement with employees & integrity overall. Demanding for integrity led to enthusiasm, overall development & growth of business. Bonding of next level with employees as well.” - Yatin Patel (MD – 109 Group)
"Pragmatic Consultancy (Vatsal Shah) has been great mentor so far. Your suggestions and feedbacks has played an important role in defining vision of MULTIDOTS. It was a great decision to enroll in the Triumph MDP program. It has helped a lot professionally and personally as individual. As a person I see Vatsal who is great motivator, advisor, honest person and a good friend." - Aslam Multani (CTO & Director - Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
“Working with pragmatic is a good experience for us. We could derive a better structure and upgrade some areas in our organization.” – Vivek Agrawal (CEO, Excella Worldwide)
  "The solutions offered by you have been up to the mark. Your approach to our work has been appropriate and we got what we wanted. The services have been prompt and our queries have been resolved quickly. As far as the suggestions are concerned, may be a bit of creativity can be incorporated in the visual representation part, which I think will be developed as you do more of such work. Overall, the experience has been positive and satisfactory. We are very happy with what we have received. We will definitely come back to you for more services.” – Manan Gajjar (CEO, Kori Mercantile Pvt. Ltd.)  
  “We get the tremendous breakthrough in our business. Specially in area of Pricing of our services and Working Procedures. We have got really good no. of Inquiries from different part of Gujarat, India and overall World due to marketing activities and website. Overall feedback is EXCELLENT & VERY EMPOWERING.” – Jignesh Dave (Owner, Mediplanet Institute)  
  “Solutions were timely... Services offered were satisfactory ... Implementation part involves local staff so there were some short-coming on it. Overall feedback is satisfactory.” – Yogesh Thanki (Manager - 109 Group)  
  “Excellent! Our operations work smoother now and easy to manage. Pragmatic is one stop consulting firm where you can get solution for any problems or challenges. You are not just documenting but also implementing on the floor without affecting your present business. You have very good exposure and hands-on experience in Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Training and Mentoring. Even for a new business model, you can help from articulating the strategy to execute on the floor.” – HK Patel (CEO, ExtremeUx)  
  “It was great having been consulted by Pragmatic Consultancy. There were 3 portals on which Pragmatic Consultancy has provided us the services.
• eSellerUK : It was certainly the best implementation of new portal been advised by Pragmatic Consultancy guided throughout all the phases: Idea, Design and implementation and Sales
• DCLStore : Given the best solution and design structure of the eCommerce web and helped in conversation.
• ATAMAN : It is a B2B website and had provided and guided almost all requirement of B2B portal. We certainly are thankful to the Pragmatic Consultancy for providing us the up to market resource.” - Riken Soni (General Manager – India Operations, DCL Store & ESeller UK)
  “Each system application creates amazing impact on mind of employee. Feeling unfortunate not to have mentor now” – Keyur Kotak (Director, Aatithya Trips Pvt. Ltd.)  

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