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Each task in organization is a project and we are upto fine-tuning processes of project management to get fast and best results.

Trainign for Software Engineering, IT Project Management, SDLC and SAD part. Most of the IT companies are struggling in implmeneting Project Management Processes, Time - Schedule of Projects, Client Communication, Requirement & Scope of project, Managing Teams, etc.

We provide detailed training to Team Leaders in managing projects and Team Members in executing projects. We also set project management structure process into your company and create MIS for management to take decisions based on that. We also help in bridging Marketing & production teams of IT company. Post an Enquiry.

Project Management Skills and techniques
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- Business Process Re-engineering - Communication Skills
- Business Modeling - Business Analysis
- CRM - Project Management
- Corporate Communication & PR - MIS
- Branding & Marketing - Personal Management
- Web Presence Management  
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