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Growth Management, Management Consulting, CEO Coaching
How do we provide managment consulting and training services?
We provide strategic inputs and assist in implementing them in your organization to bring transformation. We firmly believe that companies who keep right balance between knowledge and experience have higher chances for growth. And we partner with you in doing the same.

We customize management fundamentals and make them suitable for your organization, industry, scale, and environment. We work on people and processes with you and your team.

Types of assignment we take,
We categorize your business needs based on the life stage of your business and what you are looking for like, 1) Start-up 2) Growth 3) Diversification. We offer different set of services which matches your requirements as below,
Startup Incubation   Growth Consulting   Diversify
Start-up Incubation   Growth Management   Diversification
We nurture startups, help them validate their ideas, incubate / define their strategy, do handholding till the time they become independent. And at the same time we understand that as they are starting we need to take their extra care, work on grass-root level and establish structure in the company. This service covers all areas from defining brand name, selecting organization structure, raising funds to converting into working model.   For already set players, there has been always a concern of managing constant growth or managing growth. We play a critical role here by dealing with all management functions of your organization which covers People, IT, Sales, Marketing, Production, Processes, Finance, etc. We also be part of your organic / inorganic growth. we have expertise in dealing with organizations who are looking to grow big and at mid level.   There are organizations who are already happy with what they have, but want to try something new / innovative / diversify. We help them selecting right business model with lowest risk and higest returns. We plan their all resources in terms of people, money, property, expertise, products / sevices and help them creating new SBU. It starts from idea definition, to viability check, to implement complete plan.
- Mentorship & Startegic Consulting   - Startegic & Management Consulting   - Strategic Consulting
- Organization Structure   - Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)   - Organization Re-Structure
- Business Model Validation   - People Management   - Business Modelling
- Sales Channel Setup   - Marketing & Sales Expansion   - People Management
- eCommerce Consulting   - Process Audit   - Marketing & Branding
- Marketing & Branding   - eCommerce / Automation   - eCommerce / Automation
    - Staff Training   - Change Management
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Recent updates:
Nashik Information Technology Association - Session by Vatsal Shah on Sales Models How to manage service offering by Vatsal Shah Mentor at IIMU Start-up Cell
Nashik Information Technology Association has invited Mr. Vatsal Shah as a keynote speaker to guide on Sales Models for the Outsourcing World. It was conducted on 11-May-2019 at Nashik Engineering Cluster. Summit - Session 6 on How to manage Service Offerings was conducted at Ahmedabad. It helped IT and Retail owners in deciding strategies to add, remove or update service offerings to match global economy and market demands (7 May 19). Saksham - The Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Udaipur for hosted Prarambh to guide and empower start-ups. Where Vatsal Shah was considered as Mentor in 2018 and 2019 to guide Start-ups from various IITs and IIMs.
Business Transformation by Vatsal Shah Panel moderation at WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019 Customer Delight for Travel Agents by Vatsal Shah
Kacchi Jain Samaj and JBO arranged a sessoion of Vatsal Shah on Business Transformation. He shared insights on eCommerce, B2B, and Business Automation with 70 people (5-May-2019). Vatsal Shah was invited as a Panel moderator at WordCamp 2018 to ask views of leaders of WordPress community on How to Grow with WordPress (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam with WordPress). Enterprising Travel Agents Association (ETAA) has invited Vatsal Shah as a speaker to discuss on Customer Delight and Goal Setting for Travel Agents of Gujarat.
Meet Magento Singapore - Power of Magento B2B
At Meet Magento Singapore 2018 - Vatsal Shah was a part of panel discussion on "Power of Magento Commerce for B2B" hosted by Ben Marks - Magento Evangelist from Magento with Hirokazu Nishi - Magento Master from Veriteworks Inc, Sudhir Mehria - CSM from Ranosys, and David Francois - CEO from Moni Media.
How to plan and grow sales team? How to remove bottlenecks of growth? Owners / CXO Coaching program
Summit - Session 4 on How to plan and grow sales team? was conducted at Eldorado, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad where the disscussions were made on creating sales team structure, setting up sales processes and targets, and creating effective incentive models for IT and Retail owners. (14-Apr-2018) Summit - Session 5 on How to remove bottlenecks of growth? where the disscussions were made defining bottlenecks, understanding most common bottlenecks and finding own, and methods to revove them. Learning with fun for IT, retail and manufacturing owners. (18-Aug-2018) Summit - Owners / CXO Coaching Program (6 Month Workshops) for IT, Retail and Manufacturing business owners who are looking for next level of growth. 27 CEOs undergone sessions in 2018-19 to grow their business to next level.
#WCAHMEDABAD   Patidar Samaj EDP   How-to-grow-family-business-vatsal-divya-bhaskar

Business owners & Individual’s success is defined by how good they are in managing their Fears and Uncertainty. Their choices and decisions decide their future goals. Here, Vatsal addressed on how one can conquer own fears and manage them in effective manner. Fore more visit #WPAhmedabad website

  Thanks to "52 Leuva Patidar Samaj [Ahmedabad Unit]" for arranging Awareness Motivation and Entrepreneurship Development Program and inviting as Speaker. With 180 Participants, Vatsal Shah shared his views on What is Ownership, Challenges of Entrepreneurs and Solutions, Women Empowerment.  

Vatsal Shah discussed on How to take Family Businesses to Next Level. In India it is most common that multiple generations are active in same business but still they don't become an MNC. He shared his observations, challenges and solutions to unlock potential.

Summit - Service Mix Management   Summit - Service Delivery Management   Summit - Performance Management
Summit - Session 1 on Service Mix Management was conducted at GCCI, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad where the disscussions were made on Service Mix Management, Market Dynamics, Demand Patterns, Growth Tool, Stages of Evolution, etc. So that IT Owners can finetune their offerings and increase profit. (22-July-2017)   Summit - Session 2 on Service Delivery was conducted at Eldorado, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad where the disscussions were made on Service delivery management, understanding Service Triangle, creating customer centric processes and culture. It was aimed at mapping of customers' journey to delivery WoW. (26-Aug-2017)   Summit - Session 3 on Performance Management was conducted at Eldorado, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad where the disscussions were made on Compensation Design, Methods of Performance Appraisal, criteria for Effective performance management and ways to give feedback to employees. (16-Sep-2017)
India Leadership Award - Excellence in Business Transformation   Vatsal Shah, Chief Consultant & Mentor of Pragmatic Consultancy got nominated and awarded at India Leadership Awards 2016 by World Leadership Federation event at The Leela, Mumbai on 30-Nov-2016. Event was powered by Collabera and had people from various sectors like Pharma, Hospitals, Hospitality, IT, Security, Stat-up Innovations, Entertainment, Media, et.

It is a proud moment for us to be nominated and getting award for "Excellence in Business Transformation" We thank all team members, clients and supporters for this.
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